We’ve accomplished much in our first grade classroom this week!  We had a discussion about appropriate rules for our classroom to make it a safe and fun place to learn. You should have seen a paper coming home this week which identified the four rules we will be following this year. Please review these with your child.

We finished up our “Back to School” theme in our Reading / Writing which involved strategies and phonics on the remainder of the alphabet. We enjoyed reading poems and tongue twisters to practice the letter sounds. Next week, we begin a new Reading Unit entitled, “All Together Now.” We practiced “Read to Self” which is super important because it helps us become better readers AND writers AND it’s fun! We reviewed the three ways to read a book 1). Read the Pictures 2). Read the Words 3). Re-tell a Story we’ve already read. 

I launched Writing Workshop and the students wrote their first stories for me on what they enjoy doing on a hot, sunny day.  We also talked about what a Writing Workshop classroom looks like, sounds like and feels like. We put our ideas into an anchor chart which we review each time we start Writing Workshop. The students are doing super with this.

Our Math block focused on patterning, reviewing / writing numbers through 7 and working with manipulatives to learn number partners of 4, 5, 6, and 7.  Partners are two numbers added together to equal a new number. For example, “What two numbers are added together to equal 7?” The COMPLETE answer would be 1 and 6, 2 and 5, 3 and 4. We spent some time free exploring and patterning tiles and pattern blocks as well.

HOMEWORK: Today your child is bringing home a Math Packet. Please help your child complete it and bring back to school by next Friday, September 20. This homework is a good reinforcement of the math concepts we have covered in the classroom. Thank you for your support in helping your child complete it.

I think everyone now has a “Backpack” folder. In your child’s folder, you will find completed work, notes from Central Elementary and homework assignments. This folder is also a great place to send notes, hot lunch money, etc. back to school. I check the folders every morning. Please help your child remember to bring the folder back to school in his/her backpack every day. 

Target is once again giving away free gift cards to schools who receive votes.  Once we receive 25 votes we receive $25 and each additional vote equals an additional $1.  You may vote once every 3 days.  Please help us out with this and also pass it on to friends and family if you are able to.  It is a really simple way to earn extra money for our students.  To vote, go to https://givewith.target.com/  and enter Kenowa Hills Central Elementary.

Also, your child is bringing home an Entertainment Book today. This is a fundraiser we are doing here at Central Elementary. Information on the fundraiser is included in the bag with the Entertainment Book. If at all possible, we are requesting all families sell two books. If our classroom sells the most books, we will earn a special celebration! 

Thank you for sharing your children with me. I love every one of them!Enjoy your weekend.

Check back here soon for our first classroom newsletter.